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Our HVAC Services

Geothermal System Installation

Owner/operator of Black Duck Mechanical has been designing and installing geothermal Water to Water(boiler style heat pump) and Water to Air (forced air) systems for 5 years. Please check the picture gallery page for examples.

Boiler Repair and Maintenance

Owner/operator is highly experienced in the repair and maintenance of boiler systems, ensuring that they are always working at optimal levels. We offer a range of services, including regular maintenance, emergency repairs, and full system replacements. Trust us to keep your boiler running smoothly all year round.

Conventional Forced Air System Repair

Owner/operator of Black Duck Mechanical has diagnosing and repairing Forced Air style systems for 13 years. Contact us about our service contract options.

Geothermal System Repair

If your geothermal system is experiencing any issues, don't hesitate to contact us for repairs. At Black Duck Mechanical we can quickly diagnose and fix any problems, ensuring that your system is back up and running in no time.

A/C Maintenance and Repair

Regular maintenance of your A/C system is crucial to ensuring its longevity and efficiency. At Black Duck Mechanical, we offer a range of maintenance services to keep your A/C running smoothly, as well as quick and efficient repair services in case of any issues.

Service Contracts

Black Duck Mechanical offers service contracts for every type of heating and cooling system to ensure the systems smooth operation and customer's peace of mind.

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